New Sebadoh Album – Act Surprised

So anyone following the band on social media will be well aware a new album had been recorded but we finally know what it is going to be called and when its due.  May 24th.  Whoop! The new album is called Act Surprised and will be coming out in Europe on Fire Records and in…

Lou Barlow – Love Intervene 7″

Joyful Noise are releasing a new Lou Barlow 7″ which according to the the JN blurb was recorded with a full band just after Lou broke his collarbone. Its available to order now on green vinyl here  

Superstitious Almost Live 7″

Okay so as I’m no longer a member of the VIP club I was a bit late to this one… Joyful Noise released a really nice 7″ as part of their VIP Club by Jason entitled Superstitious.  The 7″ was recorded as part of their Almost Live series and I believe was recorded during a…

Jason Lowenstein – Spooky Action

Yesterday I got the email I was waiting for and Jason’s new album, Spooky Action, is now available for pre-order.  The album comes out on the 16th June and is available in a limited edition of 500 copies on ‘dinosaur green, white and bronze’ (For JN VIP members, a bone addition and a standard black version….

Jason Loewenstein – Machinery 7″

Joyful Noise have released a brand new 7″ by Jason as a ‘sneak peak’ ahead of the release of his new album later this year.  The 7″ is on red vinyl with album track Machinery on the A side and exclusive B side Infidel.  Its limited to 500 copies so pick one up while you…

Land of Make Believe on Vinyl

Eric has released Land of Make Believe on vinyl via Almost Halloween Time Records from Italy.  The record is limited to 110 copies each with hand made, individually drawn covers.  The First 25 are available from Eric and have covers designed by Eric himself whilst the remaining copies have covers designed by Luigi Falagario.

Deluxx Folk Implosion new 12″

Mark Perretta who was a member of the disappointingly short lived Deluxx Folk Implosion has released a 12″ of DFI songs from back in the day on the wonderfully titled Witches Pickle Records.  The record plays at 45rpm and is limited to 1,000 copies.  You can pick it up here.

Lonely Summer Blues – Eric Gaffney

Eric is releasing a newly recorded set of songs on the 23rd September called Lonely Summer Blues through his Bandcamp page.  Currently a digital only release, you can check the tracks out below…

Lou Barlow Apocalypse Fetish 10″

Coming out on Joyful Noise and Domino Records on the 28th October.  The Joyful Noise edition comes on clear vinyl whilst their VIP edition comes in a limited edition of 300 copies with silver inside clear vinyl. As a promo stunt JN also released weekly lathe cut 7″s in the weeks leading up to launch, each…

Yet another new cassette release from Eric

Thought I’d check out the Academia Bandcamp page yesterday and came across yet another new Eric cassette.  Its called Ghost of Christmas Future and appears to include some previously released tracks though I believe re-recorded.  You can buy it direct from Eric himself (Who is also selling Cdrs).      

New Jason Loewenstein Album

So it would appear I have been asleep for the past few weeks as this completely passed me by (I wish I could care about social media…I just don’t!).  Jason appears to be releasing his first new solo album proper since 2002’s At Sixes and Sevens.  I know nothing about it other than he has put…

New Eric Gaffney Cassettes

Academia Tapes who previously released Eric’s Gracefully Aging Hippy Soloist cassette now have two new tapes available.  The first is Land of Make Believe which appears to be new tracks recorded in 2015. The second is Supernatural Force (III Originals) which features original versions of Eric’s III tracks. Both tapes can be purchased directly from Eric…