Walk through this world with the Folk Implosion

Walk thru this world with the Folk Implosion cassette

Folk Implosion
Folk Implosion – Choc. 0000005

A lovely little tape this one on Chocolate Monk cassettes out of Brighton who also released a tape by another of my favourite bands Melt Banana.  Quite a rare one this so thank goodness for Ebay or I doubt I’d ever have tracked it down…In fact I can thank Ebay for about 50% of my Seba-rarities…can’t we all?  Well perhaps not my bank balance.  What was a fanboy to do pre-Ebay I do wonder!

Anyway some of these tracks later made their way on to a lovely little Drunken Fish 7″ but this is of course the time when Folk Implosion were at their most lo-fi and to me at least most interesting.  Whatever happened to John Davis…Shame he decided to move on, it was never the same again.


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  1. bojadin says:

    Great pic! Any chance you put it for download somewhere? It is impissible to find it anywhere.

  2. smurffinger says:

    Maybe one day. Whilst I love collecting cassettes I don’t actually own a cassette player. More a hoarder of things…The thing itself. Not sure what that says about me…

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