Sebadoh Secret E.P.

Sebadoh are back!

…and they are recording a new album!

I really wasn’t sure what to think of this…Am I excited?  Do I care?  Of course I do and to kick start it all they have a ‘secret’ e.p. to whet the appetite and to help fund the new album!  But it is download only through Bandcamp (Duly downloaded straight away of course!)…Oh alright then but what is that I hear there is a CD but only available on tour.  Sorry but you are not touring the UK?   Aaaaghhhhh!!!!

SEbadoh's Secret E.P.  Thanks Bob!
Sebadoh’s Secret E.P. Thanks Bob!

Now I’m a collector so this isn’t good…will this be an over priced Ebay purchase?

Well, no as a matter of fact as new Doh drummer Bob is a gent!  A panicked email on how I could get my mits on a copy sent to the official Sebadoh inbox resulted in a free copy sent through the post.  I was happy to pay but ‘no’ was the response.  Don’t worry I have a copy here I’ll send it over.

And the disc itself?  Top notch classic Sebadoh!  Thanks Bob.  Thanks Sebadoh.  Can’t wait to hear that new album…


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