CAPGUN A Shrimper Compilation $2.00

Only $2.00 suggested retail
Only $2.00 suggested retail

Poppy, Punky, Industrial, Folk Neato Things…  Well that pretty much sums this up doesn’t it!

This handmade compilation features Lou’s “Commercial Losers” Sensitive Dull thump, King of the dry hump.  Other bands are the usual mixture of Shrimper’s roster including WCKR SPGT, Franklin Bruno, Refrigerator and all your other Inland Empire faves!  Whatever that even means.

The major selling point for this tape appears to be that it is ‘only $2.00* suggested retail’, which whilst now 22 years old seems to me like quite the bargain despite inflation.  However I am convinced that the real reason was of course the great music which lies within.


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