Lou Barlow – Live at Missing Link Records

Lou Barlow - Live at Missing Link Records

You may find this ridiculous but this post is for a cassette that I have not even listened to yet.  In fact I doubt I will ever listen to it.  What drove me to write this post was a response to my first ever comment on this site (Hey I think only 5 people have actually checked it out but that is okay, I’ve hardly posted anything yet anyway ;-)).  I was asked if I could post the tracks from the Walking thru the world with the Folk Implosion cassette and it occurred to me that I don’t actually have a cassette player.  In fact I don’t think I’ve had a cassette player for about 10 years.  I really only listen to music digitally nowadays (Shame on me I know) however I still buy many a record and still the odd tape but why?  Some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder I’m sure.

Anyway to the details…This cassette is a live recording of an in-store Lou performed at Missing Link records, Melbourne back in March 2010.  The tape itself is limited to 300 copies and the track listing is as follows…

Side A – Too Much Freedom/The one I call/Love is Stronger/Legendary/Too Pure/Sharing/The Freed Pig/Cold as Ice (Foreigner cover)

Side B – Home/Rebound/On Fire/Willing to Wait/Skull/Brand New Love/Back to you heart/Take Advantage

Cold As Ice was also featured on an XFM CD compilation which I have somewhere (Will track it down and put that on here too at some stage).  Have always loved Sebadoh’s version of this so I’d really recommend tracking it down if you can.

I love that these little curios are out there…and tracking them down is still a thrill.  Happy hunting if you are tracking it down yourself… R.I.P. Missing Link Records


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  1. neoxide says:

    This is probably my favourite live Lou-related release… sounds great in all its lo-fi glory and ambient melbourne tram noises. I might be biased though, I’m the one who calls out Willing to Wait towards the end.

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