Losers indeed. Well none of the tracks on any of Lou’s Losers named releases could ever realistically be called winners but then what does winning really mean? Would winning in the context of Rock and Roll be selling a millions copies? Winning an award? Success with the fairer sex? Perhaps all these things rolled into one?

Losers cassette Lou Barlow
Losers cassette Lou Barlow

Lou Barlow has rarely troubled the charts* but in the world of Indie Rock surely he needs to be considered one of the scenes winners. Of course this would need to be caveated as I’m sure success has neither brought him riches nor awards but to a knowing few Lou is a demi-god, gifted with the ability to truly understand their very souls (Too much?). Few understand us but Lou does and his songs for many are tales from within.

Lou’s Losers are made up of the Losers Cassette on Shrimper, Losing Losers, Winning Losers and the Losercore 7″. Losing Losers and Winning Losers are in essence vehicles to re-package tracks off the Losers cassette but represent the bedroom recorded side of Lou which are integral to Lou’s history. Winning Losers is definitely the one I have spent more time with and is a great way in for those exploring Lou’s wider discography after discovering Sebadoh. Losercore is a classic 7″ and a great Lou song.

Sentridoh Losercore

Coming at around the same time as Beck’s Loser single it could feel that the Loser motif was a little over used during indie rock through the early 90s and I think that would be fair but either way Lou has always has been one of the original Lo[u]sers.

*Yeah I know some success was had with Natural One but still…


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