Collecting…What is it good for? (reprise)

I’ve picked up on this before but once upon a time it appeared to be virtually impossible to  get hold of limited import records that were long since out of print.

I picked up the record collecting bug after a few trips to the monthly Canterbury Record Fair.  Second Saturday of every month it was held and whilst the majority of the stalls were full of cheap bargain bin CDs there was one stall which always made it worth the trip. Now I can’t remember the guys name (I’m wanting to say colin?) but I do know he opened up a shop called Edgeworld Records which I remember had the line…We sell CDs, but at Edgeworld vinyl is king! Sadly I hear it has since closed down…very sad!  Anyway my point was that he always had the greatest selection of import records and I approached these trips as if I were one of the great explorers pushing back the frontiers and proving that the world really is not flat.

The internet has  changed all that and it is now simple with patience to build collections I previously would have thought impossible.  Ebay as I mentioned before is great for hunting down all those old rarities but what about those new records which sneak out without you knowing?  I recently joined the Joyful Noise VIP club (After discovering their fantastic monthly flexi club) and had the great joy to find out that firstly they were launching a limited edition singles collection featuring a track by my hero and yours Lou but then to hear it would also be the new home of Sebadoh!  Well…WTF!  Lucky I had signed up or I would have missed out on all sorts of goodies so it turns out. But the postage costs…Damn you American postal system!  and this is my problem it now costs me a small fortune each and every time I have to (And I have to) buy a new record.

Sebadoh secret E.P. green vinyl
Sebadoh secret E.P. green vinyl

Really not sure where I was going with this but here is my thought for the day…  Enjoy the music.  Don’t get caught up in collecting, its a slippery slope.  🙂



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