Defend Yourself – Joyful Noise VIP Version

So after the longest period of uninterrupted heat I can remember here in the UK last night it all changed and it felt as if we had reached the end of days.  A fantastic thunderstorm that seemed to go on for hours kept me awake and at around 2am after failing dismally to get back to sleep I decided to check my emails and low and behold there it was…  VIP access to order the limited edition version of Defend Yourself was finally open!  Someone somewhere wanted me to spend nearly $50 🙂

Joyful Noise VIP version

I rushed out of bed and panic bought the limited multi-coloured vinyl version as well as the cassette (You can probably see I am becoming a little obsessive over these little tapes!).


Any way if you are one of the few souls who have found their way to this site then I guess you are a fan too so I hope you got your copy!  They sold out in less than 24 hours so I guess the Doh still got it!


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