Number 51?

Well how about this then? I never thought I’d track this down but I finally managed to get my hands on the limited coloured sleeve version of the Oven is my Friend 7″ on Siltbreeze.

Oven is my Friend on silt breeze
Oven is my Friend on Siltbreeze Records

I’m not sure if I’m too happy that is is signed (I guess that is a good thing) but what makes it  particularly of interest to me is that fact it is number 51 of 50.

Sebadoh Oven is my friend ???


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  1. There’s no copy # 0….so if there are 50 copies…..!!!!

  2. smurffinger says:

    Erm…you may need to re-think your numbers ;-). That would make 52… 51 plus zero!

    1. salvadidentri says:

      you’re right!it was just to say something because I really don’t know why there’s the copy #51 of 50 !!!!!I’m cool because mine is #28 !!!!!!!!!

      1. smurffinger says:

        It’s just pretty cool to finally own a copy 🙂 .

        If you own one of the other 48 (or 49)…feel free to feel smug with us!

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