Joyful Noise Summer 2013 Sampler

So I finally got my Dumb Numbers LP through from Joyful Noise and I have to say what a great album (Although there was a pang of sadness that I had not managed to snag one of the copies with the David Lynch print).  For some reason I wasn’t expecting much from the album and had yet to get around to listening to anything by the Dumb Numbers but what a great surprise.  What particularly made it for me though was the limited sampler cassette (In a wonderful hue of red) that came with it featuring Sebadoh’s All Kinds.  I think these samplers are one of the little aspects of Joyful Noise that make them so appealing as a label and I think it is great that Sebadoh signed to them in the US.  It is limited to 500 copies and also features tracks by Dumb Numbers (Featuring Lou of course!), David Yow, Son Lux, Memory Map and DMA. Sorry to say it has sold out now but the tracks can still be downloaded from Joyful Noise so go check them out.

Joyful Noise Sampler
Joyful Noise Sampler

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