Sebadoh playing in a town near you…perhaps.

Sebadoh ticketI don’t get to quite as many gigs as I used to.  Don’t get me wrong I get to the odd gig still and always try to squeeze in at least one trip to a festival in the summer but nevertheless I’m getting old.  Most Sebadoh fans, unless relatively new to the sounds of Lou and co are probably getting a bit long in the tooth by now and have kids and mortgages and what not but the news of a Sebadoh tour, well that just can’t be missed now, can it?  Thats not to say that Sebadoh shows are rare events, hell they’ve played numerous shows since disbanding. I, like you, saw them back in 08 for the Bubble and Scrape show at Koko (With Eric 🙂 and of course they have been playing festivals and pretty much every other year there has been some kind of mini reunion or re-release to tide the fans over.  However this year, it is a tour to promote a new album.  This makes it a real event and though I still mourn the fact the band couldn’t make it work with Eric,  Bob appears to be a true gent and a worthy member of the Doh.

Hope to see you at the show!


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