New Eric 7″ coming soon! **

Jesus Christ & Alasdair Roberts and Ivor Kallin Split 7" on Happy Soul Records
Jesus Christ/Alasdair Roberts and Ivor Kallin Split 7″ on Happy Soul Records

This autumn sees the release of a new split 7″ from Eric Gaffney on Happy Soul Records as Jesus Christ.  The record is a split 7″ with Alasdair Roberts and his friend Ivor Kallin (You may know Ali from his solo work on labels such as Drag City and Secretly Canadian, as the figurehead of Appendix Out and of his many collaborations).

**Now cards on the table I am releasing this record myself and this is the first release on my new label Happy Soul Records.  I personally believe Eric has been criminally ignored for far too long and it was time to get his music out there in the physical format as it should.

The record is limited to 300 copies, comes in a lovely yellow vinyl and will be available early October.  To find our more please click here


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