When limited edition gets lost up its own arse!

Okay this going to come across as a bitter rant.  And it is.  However I think it comes from the right place but if you disagree then please just see this as the rantings of a bitter obsessive and move on.

lb uke

As you can probably tell I’m quite the obsessive Sebadoh collector and as such when Joyful Noise launched their VIP club with promise of exclusive Sebadoh releases I jumped at it and signed up!  I think they are a great label and love their limited pressings on beautiful mixed colour vinyls and monthly flexi releases as it really appeals to my more obsessive tendencies.  However something has happened and when does a limited edition become too damned limited to the point where it just seems like showing off.

I know this seems at odds with my general love of rare and scarce releases but the latest move on the part of Joyful Noise has been to produce limited lathe cut 7″s in runs of 70 to 80 copies.  Including one by Lou himself which of course particularly appealed to me.  Now I’m conflicted.  I love the idea of this little cottage industry of beautiful nuggets being created but as a paid up VIP member I am starting to feel a little cheated.  Unless I check my emails every 5 minutes (In case something might possibly get released!) the chances of scoring any of these releases is negligible even as a paid up member.  Is it too much to reach out to your fan base and work out what the demand is from your most faithful members and perhaps base your print runs on this?  Hey perhaps 150 of your most fervent followers want a copy so why not produce to order?  They are after all individually cut?  So being the obsessive what have I had to do?  Well pay a fortune online of course!

The reality is I do love what Joyful Noise do and respect what they are up to as nobody is getting rich off limited vinyl runs and they are probably even bigger fan boys than me.  They also probably don’t even realise that they are beginning to annoy their base but see it as offering up something special.  However the reality is I for one now have a sour taste in my mouth and won’t be renewing my VIP membership.  I might as well save the monthly cost and just buy the records straight off Ebay anyway when one comes up that I really, really want.

Anyway.  Rant over.  Nobody died.  I really should perhaps worry about something more important.


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