Missing Out and other frustrations of the obsessed

If like me you have that collector bug, then you will know there is nothing more frustrating than missing the announcement of a record and then finding out too late once it has sold out.  This happened to me recently with the Dale Crover release on Amphetamine Reptile Records which features Lou on guitar.  I was just completely unaware it was coming out.  I’m sure if I was following the right Twitter feeds I would have known about the release but I really can’t be doing with social media (Too long in the tooth!) so is this going to be the norm now?  If you have read any of my previous posts you will know I resent paying through the nose for releases via Ebay and the like but undoubtedly always find myself doing so.  This record now seems to come up regularly at about $35 so the question is when will I give in?

Also when is Lou releasing the Tres Padres 7″?  Am I going to miss that one too?   I even reached out to Lou to say I’d be willing to put it out.  I was serious.  So Lou if you see this.  Get in contact 🙂  At least this way I can guarantee getting a copy.


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