50 Bands and a Cat for Indiana Equality


So here’s a release for a good cause.  Some crazy US legislator’s in Indiana have decided to forget that the good ‘ol US of A is supposed to be the land of the free and seem intent on allowing small minded bigots to discriminate against minorities based on their religious beliefs.  This has particular impact on the LGBT community so Joyful Noise have put together a really interesting endeavour to raise funds and awareness to fight against this injustice.

And the reason it is on this page is that our good friend Lou Barlow has donated a track as well as many other great bands including Deerhoof, GYBE! Half Japanese and more. Order Here. What makes this stand out from your usual charity compilation is that as well as getting all the tracks as a downloadable compilation – for $25 you can also get the track of your choice on a lathe cut 7″.  This 7″ will be limited to the number ordered so could be as few as a handful or in the case of GYBE! I am sure in its hundreds if not more.




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