Scotch Broom Collective LP


I was perusing the up-coming releases on the mighty Norman Records website when I stumbled upon a release by the Scotch Broom Collective.  Closer inspection revealed that the Scotch Broom Collective was…

Ten years after its rumoured release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series, here is Various Past Moments by Scotch Broom Collective. Bob Fay, also known as the drummer in Sebadoh worked with bandmate Jason Lowenstein (Sebadoh), Conrad Capistran (TARP),and Mark Perretta (Deluxx/Deluxx Folk Implosion), or Scotch Broom Collective, on these recordings grabbed at impromptu gatherings. Vinyl on Golden Lab.

Ooooh!  So I reached out to the label and I got an email back saying it would be released on the 17th May.  The record is out on the UK’s Golden Lab records and will be  a limited run of 250 copies.  Get it whilst its hot here.



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