Sebadoh Joyful Noise VIP Goodbye L.A. 7″

So yesterday I noticed a tweet on the Joyful Noise site from a VIP member who had shared a picture of the latest VIP monthly release and what do you you know it was only Sebadoh.  Well today it has turned up in my post box and I can reliably report that it is a lovely white vinyl 7″ limited to 587 copies (Of which mine is 311) and in the standard VIP die cut packaging.seba VIPThe record is labelled as Goodbye L.A. and is a live recording which features Lou lamenting the fact he is leaving the city.  The track listing includes classics Soul and Fire and Magnet’s Coil plus Inquiries from the last album. If I have any reservations I would say I was hoping it might be one of the weird and wonderful releases JN appear to be putting out as part of their VIP membership like hybrid 7″s and Lathe Cuts but what the hell a new Sebadoh record is always a treat.  So it was worth staying a signed up member of the VIP Club after all eh!


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