Eric Gaffney – A Cassetterospective

Every time I nearly give up my Joyful Noise VIP membership I’m given a reason to stick it out – Its almost as if they know what I’m thinking. Last week this happened again and against all expectation they announced that they are releasing Eric Gaffney’s Cassetterospective – A very fancy boxset featuring 10 cassettes of Eric’s Bandcamp releases.  As well as the 10 hand numbered cassettes the release comes with a custom wooden box and the lid (The most exciting part of the release) is a lathe cut record featuring the first song Eric ever wrote, ‘Invisible Mouse’.  The set is limited to 100 copies.


Thankfully I ordered it straight away as apparently the release then sold out within 24 hours (Sorry I didn’t post quicker folks – Though I guess you’d have needed to be a VIP member to have snagged a copy!).

The really exciting thing though is that with the quick sell out of the box set, will JN now release some of Eric’s music on vinyl?  Well my fingers are firmly crossed.


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