Brace the Wave Pre-Order


Yesterday Joyful Noise started pre-orders on Lou’s upcoming solo album Brace the Wave.  The VIP edition is limited to 500 copies and comes on a really nice green and pink mixed vinyl (Or marbled pink and sea foam if you’re reading the nonsense in the press release ;-).  There are of course also alternative editions including a green vinyl version as well as a cassette limited to 200 copies.  One in every five of the VIP editions LPs will come with a Polaroid selfie taken by Lou himself.

The release is also coming out in the UK on Domino Records in a 180 GSM vinyl version though there is no detail on whether it is a colour edition or not (Domino releases tend not to come in colour vinyl).  Copies bought from the Domino Mart all come with the selfie too so if you want to get a better chance of securing the Polaroid then that might be the way forward!

Brace the Wave is due out on the 4th September 2015JNR168_SEAFOAM_grande


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