Jason Lowenstein – Spooky Action

Yesterday I got the email I was waiting for and Jason’s new album, Spooky Action, is now available for pre-order.  The album comes out on the 16th June and is available in a limited edition of 500 copies on ‘dinosaur green, white and bronze’ (For JN VIP members, a bone addition and a standard black version….

Land of Make Believe on Vinyl

Eric has released Land of Make Believe on vinyl via Almost Halloween Time Records from Italy.  The record is limited to 110 copies each with hand made, individually drawn covers.  The First 25 are available from Eric and have covers designed by Eric himself whilst the remaining copies have covers designed by Luigi Falagario.

Deluxx Folk Implosion new 12″

Mark Perretta who was a member of the disappointingly short lived Deluxx Folk Implosion has released a 12″ of DFI songs from back in the day on the wonderfully titled Witches Pickle Records.  The record plays at 45rpm and is limited to 1,000 copies.  You can pick it up here.

New Jason Loewenstein Album

So it would appear I have been asleep for the past few weeks as this completely passed me by (I wish I could care about social media…I just don’t!).  Jason appears to be releasing his first new solo album proper since 2002’s At Sixes and Sevens.  I know nothing about it other than he has put…

Scotch Broom Collective LP

I was perusing the up-coming releases on the mighty Norman Records website when I stumbled upon a release by the Scotch Broom Collective.  Closer inspection revealed that the Scotch Broom Collective was… Ten years after its rumoured release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series, here is Various Past Moments…

Defend Yourself – Joyful Noise VIP Version

So after the longest period of uninterrupted heat I can remember here in the UK last night it all changed and it felt as if we had reached the end of days.  A fantastic thunderstorm that seemed to go on for hours kept me awake and at around 2am after failing dismally to get back…