Sebadoh Discography NME
Sebadoh Discography from the NME

I have now created a separate discography which can be found here.   Sebadoh Discography of Sorts

I found this in my Sebadoh record box and thought I’d stick it up here as for me finding this discography in the NME all those years ago was the first time I became aware of all the many Sebadoh releases that were out there.  I pretty much have them all now but at the time I had no idea how to go about tracking them all down.

Seba Box
My box of Sebadoh 7″ records 🙂
Some of my Sebadoh related cassettes

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  1. Greg Elias says:

    great blog! wanted to let you know, my label (Academia CHS PVD) handled the digital release of Eric’s “Stop Eating Animals!” this summer. here is an iTunes link! it is available all over the web.

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