Not sure if there is any appetite for this out there but I know I’ve got a few doubles in my collection and also a few gaps so I though this might be a nice place to start a bit of a trade in Sebadoh goodies.  I’m willing to start off proceedings and put it out there that I’ve got a spare copy of the Wasted Pieces and much of the worst cassettes and a spare Amnesiac Godz/Country Teasers Split 7″.  Probably got some other bits too but can’t remember which now.

Anyway what do I need.  Well most of the Eric early cassettes, Wave lathe cut… Sure there is something else but these are some key holes in the old collection.  Probably the bits I want are rarer than what I have to trade but hey ho!

Anyone up for a trade or has their own stuff they think others might like then why not add a comment and see if someone wants to trade with you. Anyone know of a better way of organising this then feel free to put that in the notes too.

Screw Ebay!  🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. salvadidentri says:

    Searching for australian Harmacy clear vinyl (Fellaheen) and Bakesale test press…
    Bakesale with 7″ ? You can find it for £30…
    Asshole cassette ? Never heard or seen before…..

  2. smurffinger says:

    Back to the egg, asshole is a shrimper compilation cassette with a (sort of) Lou Barlow track. The bakesale lp can be bought off eBay but im trying to stop buying so many things from eBay. You seem to have a pretty full on collection if all you now need are test presses and Aussie Versions. I only really try to collect all versions of the 7″s and am trying to get the rare cassettes but your collection sounds impressive. I don’t know if you are into Eric gaffney’s solo stuff but I am releasing a split record for him in about a month if you are interested. Check it out here if so…

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